How a Professional Website brings you new Clients


As a business owner, there’s nothing worse than having no contact form submissions, online orders, phone calls or generally said: an empty pipeline. You may already have a -beautiful- website, but still no clients come in. How is this possible?!

A website is more than just “The Design”

Nowadays, pretty much everyone can make his own website for a small price. What people do not realize, is that behind the screens there’s a lot more going on than just a nice looking design. Search Engine Optimization, Alt-tags, Metadata, Backlinks, GMB, Search Engine Advertising, etc etc.

If you decide to make a website by yourself, or by a random person for an extremely cheap price, good luck competing with the bigger companies that will trump your online presence anytime a potential customer looks for your product or service on the internet.

So what steps should you take?

After having invested in a business or website that actually builds quality websites, so that your website ranks in Google when people look for your product or service, it’s time to introduce you to;

Search Engine Marketing

This is by far my favorite, and I’ll tell you why. With SEA (Search Engine Marketing) or better known as Google Adwords, you can see how many people look for your product or service (The keywords they type in Google) each month. You can bid on these keywords so that when people look for these keywords, Google will show them your website / Business.
For example; You’re a plumber from a city called Gent in Belgium. So we’re going to pay Google a small amount (a fixed budget of your choice!) to show us at the top of Google whenever someone looks for a Plumber in Gent or close to that region. Every time someone clicks on this ad, a small amount of money will go to Google.

Just want to make this clear, because a lot of people don’t realize the power behind this:

Google allows you to BUY your customers!

Imagine you pay around €0.40 per click, let’s be very negative and say that after only 20 clicks, you’ll get a client. This means that you just BOUGHT a client for €8,00. You know the profit margins of your product and/or service, there should be enough margin =)

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