Golden Tips to manage your Online Reputation


Generate positive reviews

To create interaction and convince potential customers of your product or service, online reviews from consumers play a crucial role. During a conversation with a customer, you have probably asked numerous times to write a positive review, but this is forgotten real soon. However, when people have something negative to say, they do everything in their power to get their word out. So how do we collect these positive reviews?

The Google PlaceID Lookup Tool!

With this tool, you can collect reviews super-quickly and efficiently. You share your personalized link with a customer, and when this link is opened, this person can immediately start writing. No more hassle!

This is how you create your personalized link:
1) Visit this website:
2) Type your company at the top of the Google map and press Enter.
3) Copy the Place ID
4) Paste the Place ID at the end of this link:
For example

Respond quickly and appropriately

There is a chance that negative reviews also appear on the platforms where you mention your company. This can happen after someone bought your product, started your service or even after a conversation with you.

Don’t panic! Of course, it’s not fun, but it’s not dramatic either. You always have to respond quickly to online reviews. 84% expect an answer within 24 hours. Always be polite and try to find out the cause of the problem or the dissatisfaction. Suggest a solution (or possibly even a refund) and don’t forget to apologize if the negative review is justified. Remember, other potential customers are probably reading this.

For positive reviews it is also important that you always try to remain unique in your answers, otherwise, it seems that you are not even reading the reviews.

Use a tool or manager

As a business owner, you want to concentrate on your work and you don’t have the time to constantly check where someone has published a review about your case and to respond correctly to it. Of course, it is important that you are available to (potential) customers on various digital platforms so that they can easily contact you.

Use the “Google Alerts” tool

This tool ensures that whenever the name of your company is mentioned somewhere on the internet, you immediately receive a notification of this and can, therefore, respond immediately.

Use an external manager

Would you rather not spend time on this yourself? Then use an external manager who will keep an eye on this for you. Your online reputation is extremely important and ensures whether new customers decide to do business with you or not