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Digital Marketing Consultant

Benjamin Samaey

WordPress Web Developer with 9 years of experience in SEA and SEO.

My name is Benjamin Samaey and I develop professional websites that rank high in search engines and combine this with effective Google advertising campaigns to generate more visitors, leads and sales.

Customers & Partnerships


I was trusted to work for the brands and companies below, ranging from startups and sole proprietorships to multinationals.

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Web development


As a Web Developer I use WordPress to create websites.

The platform offers many benefits such as flexibility, adaptability, and ease of use. WordPress in collaboration with WP Bakery or Elementor allows me to quickly and efficiently build a website that meets the needs of my customers and those of search engines. It is also the most used platform for building websites in the world, which means that there is a lot of support and development available.

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#1 WordPress SEO Plugin

RankMath SEO

Als webontwikkelaar en SEO expert gebruik ik de RankMath SEO-plugin voor WordPress in combinatie met Ahrefs om de zoekmachineoptimalisatie van websites te verbeteren.

RankMath SEO heeft ook een handige stapsgewijze SEO-analyse die suggesties biedt om de inhoud te verbeteren en de pagina beter te laten ranken. Door RankMath SEO te gebruiken in combinatie met Ahrefs, kan ik ervoor zorgen dat de websites die ik maak, niet alleen esthetisch aantrekkelijk zijn, maar ook goed presteren in zoekmachines.

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As a web developer and SEO expert, I use the RankMath SEO plugin for WordPress in combination with Ahrefs to improve the search engine optimization of websites.

RankMath SEO also has a handy step-by-step SEO analysis that offers suggestions to improve content and help the page rank better. By using RankMath SEO in conjunction with Ahrefs, I can ensure that the websites I create are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also perform well in search engines.

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Digital Workspace

Google Workspace

An ideal solution for organizations or small teams that want to work and grow quickly and efficiently.

Google Workspace (formerly Google G Suite) is an all-in-one cloud solution with tools such as Gmail, a shared calendar, Google meet, Google Drive & Google Docs & Sheets. With Google Workspace you can work worry-free anytime, anywhere and it ensures ease of use and efficiency.


Other software I work with on a daily basis or have experience and knowledge in.


Hobbies & Free Time

Aside from doing SEO, SEA and Web Development I do a few other things in life as well…

To start with, I like to read an informative book, such as the ones below.

Hooked Book cover
Thriving in the Gig Economy Book
This is Marketing Book cover
The Four Book Cover
Rework Book cover
The Changing World Order book cover
80/20 Sales and Marketing Book Cover
The Art of SEO Book Cover


My top three YouTube channels that I follow closely

Benjamin Samaey Scubadiving



The feeling of weightlessness and enjoying the beautiful underwater world gives me a peace that I often find difficult to find above ground.

Scuba diving is indescribably beautiful and relaxing. I recommend it to everyone to try.

Reading & LKearning

Travel & Read

And in that order. I used to read a lot more, but I am extremely busy with various projects, so I try to make up for my ‘damage’ during a holiday.

Since I didn’t find a photo of me with a book in my hand, it was a photo with my cell phone in my hand during my vacation in Mexico. 🙂

PC Games


As a gaming enthusiast, I can completely immerse myself in challenging gameplay and adventures.

The genres of games that I play (as far as I have time left) are very diverse from shooters to mobas, RTS games and MMORPGs.