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I am a Freelance SEO Consultant located in Belgium. Since 2016, I have been helping sole proprietorships, SMEs and multinationals score higher in Google and gain better online visibility.

Freelance SEO Specialist
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Freelance SEO Expert

As a Freelance SEO expert and consultant, I help clients increase their online visibility and increase their organic search traffic by working on OFF-Page SEO, ON-Page SEO and Technical SEO.

My work includes conducting keyword research, optimizing content, improving website architecture and setting up quality link building campaigns. These activities will help my clients appear higher in Google and other search engine results, resulting in higher conversion rates and increased sales.

SEO Method

What do I do and how do I work as a Freelance SEO Consultant?

An SEO specialist stands for ‘Search Engine Optimization specialist‘.

In concrete terms, as an SEO specialist, I help you make your company’s website or webshop and associated products and services easier to find in search engines such as Google and Bing, so that you will obtain more leads or make more sales.

Market, Competitor and Keyword Analysis

As a Freelance SEO specialist, I first investigate what the customer's needs are, but I also look at what there is a demand for and how competitors approach their strategy.

Drawing up an SEO Action Plan

This SEO Analysis gives us insight into which keywords your potential customers are looking for and which keywords we can use to generate as many leads or sales as possible.

SEO Copywriting

After the analysis & the action plan, we move on to SEO copywriting, creating the website and tackling the ON-Page, OFF-Page and Technical SEO. (still adjust order)

Search Engine Optimization with Google Search Console
Freelance SEO Specialist
SEO Pricing

How much does a Freelance SEO Consultant cost?

As a Freelance SEO Specialist, like most SEO Experts, I work at an hourly rate.

For larger companies with many web pages, this will take longer, and therefore be more expensive, than for a smaller website. However, for larger projects, a succession plan is often drawn up with a fixed rate.

Search engine optimization means monitoring and adjusting.

Be careful if someone promises you position 1 in Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. or any search engine in a short time.

Optimizing websites for search engines means adjusting and following up. There is no magic method to achieve that first position, only best practices that you can use as best as possible.

PS: Do you want to work with an SEO Expert? Be sure to ask about experience, proven work and their Google certificates.

Thorough analysis

SEO Analysis

If you would rather have me draw up an SEO Analysis with an accompanying action plan and then pass this on to your team of marketers, or yourself, that is of course also possible.

If you are interested, you can always send me an email to prepare an SEO Analysis with an accompanying action plan.

Freelance SEO Specialist Google Partner

Want to hire a Freelance Search Engine Optimization Expert?

Do you have a website or webshop that is not generating enough requests or sales and do you want better online visibility, more sales and/or more requests for your products or services?

Then hire me as a Search Engine Optimization specialist.

Hiring a good Search Engine Optimization expert is an investment that will always pay off in the long term, guaranteed.


Frequently asked questions about Search Engine Optimisation


In general, it can take several days, weeks or several months before results are visible. This also depends on factors such as how strong the competition is for certain keywords and the size of your own website.

Backlinks are still an important factor in SEO because they indicate the authority and relevance of a website. However, it is important to only obtain quality and relevant backlinks, because spammy backlinks can actually be harmful to search rankings.

  • Quality backlinks (not purchased and from relevant websites)

  • Site Speed

  • Content according to Google E-E-A-T (certainly since 2023)

The rates of an SEO specialist vary widely and depend on several factors, such as the experience (in years and types of clients) of the specialist, the size of the project and the location of the specialist. In Belgium, the hourly rates of SEO specialists are generally between €75 and €150 per hour. SEO specialists often also work for a fixed (follow-up) fee per project.

Paid advertising can get results faster than SEO, but it can also be more expensive and its effectiveness depends on the target audience and keyword. SEO is always a smarter choice in the long run.

Did you know that SEA is closely related to SEO? The better your website’s SEO, the less you will pay for your ads and the better your ads will work.