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Since the beginning of my Freelance career, I have often received new assignments from satisfied customers and/or acquaintances. Are you also satisfied with my services and are you advertising? Then I would like to reward you for this through my referral program.

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Customers who promote, earn rewards.

Although I have often given a gift certificate, commission note or other gift in the past to a client who advertised for me, I thought it was time to create an “official page” for this, called the Referral Program.

I am a huge fan of Google Ads and online lead generation, and yet I have not had to create advertising campaigns for my own services since 2019.

That’s because satisfied and loyal customers often refer me, which I really appreciate. Because no matter how “Digital” I may be, positive word-of-mouth advertising is strong marketing. Another reason of course is because they find me in the organic search results of Google =)

How does my referral program work and what do we get when we give you a new client or project?

Have we already worked together and do you know someone who is looking for a Freelance SEO / SEA specialist or Web Developer?

Super! If you are satisfied with my services, then you can, like many other customers of mine, advertise my services. If your acquaintance starts a project or collaborates with me, you will receive a reward. This often concerns gift vouchers, a discount on your next invoice, or if possible you can draw up a commission invoice.

Please note: The referral must have registered in advance via my digital form on this page. Knocking afterwards and saying that you knew this person does not count.

Can everyone participate in the reference program?

No, absolutely not!

With my referral program, it is not the intention that everyone will advertise my services.

My referral program is only for customers of mine who are satisfied with my work and want to make positive word-of-mouth advertising. No exceptions are made for this.

Samaey Benjamin Natuur
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