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As an expert in WordPress Web development and SEO, I offer a thorough analysis of your website, or a website audit. Even if your website is quite recent or several years old, a thorough website analysis always pays off.

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What is a Website Audit?

A website audit is a thorough analysis of your website to see where improvements can be made. It is a critical evaluation of your website, assessing all aspects such as technical SEO, on-page SEO, user experience and conversion optimization.

Why opt for a website audit service?

The website audit (closely related to an SEO Audit) is a valuable investment for your website and is a complete analysis of your website.

It can help you identify your website’s weaknesses and make improvements. This will make your website rank higher in Google and improve the user experience, giving you more visitors, making more sales and/or generating more leads.

Optimise your website

The benefits of a Website Audit Service

A website audit has several advantages, such as:

Identificeren van problemen

A list is made of general and technical problems on your website.

Basic SEO Checkup

I look at the basic SEO setup of your website.

User Experience

Has the website been made user-friendly, or do visitors click away very quickly?

Compliance with the law

Does your website comply with the relevant laws and regulations according to the GDPR?

Conversion rate

Does your website provide enough leads and/or sales?

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What is the difference between a Website Audit service and an SEO Audit?

A website audit is a comprehensive evaluation of the entire website, including its technical aspects, content, usability and tracking.

While a website audit focuses on the entire website, an SEO audit focuses specifically on the website’s search engine optimization.

However, a website audit can contain parts of an SEO audit and vice versa. It depends on the specific purpose of the audit and the needs of the website owner. For this reason, it is often decided to combine these two audits together, providing you with an overall analysis of your website, SEO and online visibility.

Your website reviewed

Receive a report with accompanying action plan

After my website analysis, you will receive a report full of insights, tips and recommendations to optimize your website.

You, your web developer or your team of marketers can use this report to optimize the website.

Are you unable to implement everything concretely, perhaps due to a lack of knowledge and/or time? Then you can of course contact me to follow up everything further and ensure it runs smoothly.

Have your website analyzed by an expert

Does your website bring in no or few visitors, leads or sales? Then have a website audit carried out.

You will receive a detailed report full of insights and tips, with an accompanying action plan, that you, your team of marketers or I can use to optimize your website.