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As a Freelance Web Developer, I help with the management, maintenance and web hosting of WordPress websites. I ensure that your WordPress website is always performing, while you can concentrate on the main matters within your company.

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WordPress Website Management Services

Managing your website yourself in combination with your other daily tasks can quickly lead to neglect and plummeting online visibility, while having your website managed by a traditional marketing agency can be quite expensive.

Managing your website yourself often results in procrastination and a less efficient website. Collaborating with a Freelance Web Developer and SEO Specialist is the ideal solution to save costs and have a permanent point of contact.

Up-to-date website

Benefits of WordPress Website management by a Freelancer

Want to manage your website? Working with a freelancer has many advantages.

As a freelancer, I work á la carte on a flexible basis for the work that is needed, without fixed costs. This way you save time and money, while your website is still in good hands.

At the same time, you are 100% certain of a website that is well maintained, whose security is always up to scratch, and a permanent point of contact who will advise you proactively.

Cheaper web hosting

Website management naturally also includes web hosting. Cheap yet high-performance web hosting? With a freelancer it is possible.

Security and backups

Updates, backups and protections are analyzed before they are implemented and executed in a timely manner.

Adjustments à la carte

Adjusting texts and/or opening hours, creating pop-ups, changing and adding photos... working á la carte.

Proactive advice.

Are the requested adjustments an advantage? How do I make my website score higher in search engines and how do you get more leads? I give you proactive advice.

Want to take over and/or manage your website and Web Hosting?

Leave your web hosting and website management to a Freelance Web developer with knowledge of Web hosting and WordPress Web development.

Honest and transparent communication and collaboration, without unnecessary contracts, where all ownership remains yours. From €15.00/month