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Increase your website speed and performance with a hands-on Freelance Web Development expert, or opt for a detailed action plan to tackle the speed of your website yourself.

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Speed up your website

WordPress Speed Up Service

Website speed is one of the three most important factors for ranking higher in Google, yet most websites around the world are extremely slow.

We use our phone an average of 80 times a day for just a few minutes per session. So a few seconds is ‘a big deal’ and it has been proven that users drop out much faster if your website loads slowly.

It has been proven that on slow websites the bounce rate (people who close the website before the website has loaded, or during the first page, close the website again) is a lot higher. So you will make far fewer sales or bring in leads.

Optimise your website

Why are most websites so slow?

Websites are getting more and more bells and whistles, which makes the site speed worse.

Since 2017, an average internet page has gone from 2 Megabytes to 3 Megabytes. In the past, websites had at most a few photos and some text. Nowadays there are all kinds of animations, plugin integrations and more.

One second of ‘delay’ can already result in a conversion loss of 7%. This means that a webshop that generates approximately € 10,000 in turnover every day can have an annual turnover loss of € 8,400.00!

Wordpress speed optimization
Test your site speed

Test the speed of your website yourself

With GTMetrix and/or Google Pagespeed Insights you can easily test your website speed yourself.

Does your website have a worse score than 80/100 for desktop and 60/100 for mobile users? Then we may be able to optimize some elements to address your site speed and thus improve your website’s ranking in Google.

Optimize your website speed

Does the speed of your website leave much to be desired? This results in a negative impact on your leads, sales and number of visitors.

Receive a detailed report with my Website & WordPress Speed Optimization to increase the speed of your website, or contact me to set up a collaboration and optimize your site speed.