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As a Google ads Expert & Freelance PPC Consultant, I help companies get as many visitors, leads and/or sales as possible within the proposed marketing budget through Bing Ads and Google Ads.

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Freelance Google Ads & PPC Expert

Search Engine Advertising, or advertising via Google Ads or other search engines, is still a very efficient means in 2023 to quickly reach new customers, bring in leads or drive more sales for your company.

As a Freelance Pay-Per-Click Expert and Google Ads Certified Partner, I have helped numerous companies use their advertising budgets since 2016 to achieve as many leads and/or sales as possible.

Outsourcing Google Ads

How do I work as a Freelance Pay-Per-Click Expert?

With almost a decade of knowledge and experience in Google ads, I can definately help you get the most out of Google ads budget and improve the performance of your advertising campaigns.

This is how I work as a SEA Expert:

Analysis and determining strategy

After the market, keyword and competition analysis, we will determine a strategy regarding the chosen keywords and advertising types that we should set up.

Set up Google advertising campaigns

As a second step, we will create the predetermined ad groups, write the ad texts for the chosen ad types, determine the budget and who we want to target and launch the campaigns.

Ad optimization

After the campaign has been launched, it is important to optimize accurately and continuously, exclude certain words and adjust bids.

Maintenance and evaluation

After about 2 to 3 months we should have created a real advertising machine. We optimize and maintain these campaigns on a regular basis and I report the results achieved.

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Freelance SEA Specialist
Price of Google Ads

What does it cost to outsource Google Ads to a PPC expert?

The prices of a Google Ads specialist vary widely and are often calculated based on experience, knowledge and/or the results achieved.

If you choose to work with me as a Freelance SEA Specialist, you will save a lot of time and learning money and I will often quickly recoup your advertising budget. Moreover, with me you are never tied to binding contracts.

A Google ads specialist always ensures a positive Return on Investment.

Are you considering advertising via Google ads? Then working with a Google Ads Specialist can be a smart move.

Thanks to my years of experience in various markets, I specialize in setting up and managing successful Google Ads campaigns to help you achieve a positive Return on Investment (ROI) with as little budget as possible.

PS: Do you want to work with a PPC Expert? Be sure to ask about experience, proven work and their Google certificates.

Google Ads Audit

Request your Google Ads Audit

Do you manage your Google Ads campaigns yourself and would you like to receive a SEA Audit with a detailed report with recommendations to improve your advertising campaigns?

Together we discover how we can improve your Google ads campaigns through my PPC / Google ads Audit. You will then receive a detailed report with my findings and recommendations that you can use yourself or have me adjust and follow up in your Google ads account.

Outsource your PPC Campaigns to a Freelance Google Ads Expert

Do you want to outsource your Google ads to a Freelance Google Ads Expert with years of experience in Pay-Per-Click marketing and Search Engine Advertising?

Then work with me as your personal Certified Google Ads specialist.

Hiring a good Search Engine Advertising expert is an investment that you will always get back in a relatively short term.


Frequently asked questions about Search Engine Advertising and PPC


Search Engine Advertising (SEA) is a form of online advertising in which advertisers place paid advertisements in the search results of search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. Google Ads is Google’s advertising platform on which advertisers can set up and manage SEA campaigns. The difference between SEA and Google Ads is that SEA is a broader term for all forms of advertising in search engines, while Google Ads refers specifically to Google’s advertising platform.

The costs of advertising via Google Ads depend on various factors, such as the chosen keywords, the competition, the quality score of the ads and the budget you set. Google works with an auction model in which advertisers bid on keywords and only pay when someone clicks on the ad (Cost per Click or CPC). The costs per click can vary from a few euro cents to tens of euros, depending on the competition for the keywords and the quality of the advertisements.

Om het succes van je Google Ads campagne te meten, kun je verschillende KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) in de gaten houden, zoals Click Through Rate (CTR), Conversieratio, Cost per Acquisition (CPA) en Return on Ad Spend (ROAS). Deze KPI’s geven inzicht in hoeveel clicks en conversies je campagne heeft gegenereerd en hoe effectief je advertenties zijn in het behalen van de doelstellingen van je campagne. Door regelmatig de resultaten te analyseren en te optimaliseren, kun je het succes van je Google Ads campagne verbeteren.

This depends on factors such as objectives, competition and the chosen keywords.

Google Ads itself has a tool that you can use to help determine your budget and approximately what results you can expect with that chosen budget.

It is also important to calculate how much a lead/sale will bring you and what a maximum lead/sale via Google ads may cost.