Digital Marketing Audits

As a Freelance Digital Marketing Consultant my time is limited and I cannot work with everyone long term. That is why I offer digital marketing audits with insights and reports that you or your marketing team can work on, or outsource.

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Insights with plan

Get more out of your Digital Marketing with my Digital Marketing Audit Services

As a Performance marketer, I am all about results. Optimize your online performance to generate more income. My tailor-made digital marketing audits can be the key to success here.

Whether it concerns search engine optimization, search engine advertising, analyzing your website or an overall marketing audit… I have the knowledge and expertise to provide you with insights so that you can boost your online presence with my insights and an accompanying action plan.

SEO Audit

Do you want to score higher in Google? With my SEO audit I improve your organic search results and maximize your online presence through an analysis of the technical aspects and content of your website. This includes keyword research, on-page optimization, backlink analysis and technical SEO.

SEA Audit

Do you want more visitors, leads and/or sales? With a SEA audit I focus on optimizing your paid advertisements via Google and/or Bing. I analyze your ad groups and campaigns to maximize your ROI and minimize costs per click. This includes keyword research, ad optimization, targeting optimization and bidding strategies.

Website Audit

My website audits are aimed at improving the performance of your website and the user experience. I analyze your website to improve loading speed, navigation, user experience, content and conversion optimization. This includes a thorough analysis of usability, mobile responsiveness, security and search engine friendliness.